Sunday, February 27, 2011

The newest man in my life has made me fall in love all over again

No, no. I’m not seeing someone new so soon after a life changing breakup.

Over the last two months, the relationship between RJ and I has grown and developed into something I had always wanted. He talks to me. He tells me secrets he’s afraid to tell anyone else. He texts me all.the.time. now. He’s beginning to trust me again, and it’s wonderful.

Just as the race was beginning, he sent me a text.  It’s almost on. Yay!  Then he calls me to say hi. Then he says, Ok. I’m gonna go. Daddy turned the race on for me so I’m gonna go watch it. Love you.

I am in heaven. Nothing, not even the people that are coming in and out of our house today, can ruin this day. And I’m pretty sure nothing can make it better, either. It’s just a perfect day!


  1. Sounds like a special day and a great beginning.

  2. No kidding! I thought of you when he took the lead.

    Lol @ his comment. "we're the only one to beat kyle busch this weekend." hahahaha

    Good for him!

  3. JGR is in our office park. We had nice weather this week so we had our dock doors open. We could hear them practicing the pitstops. They must have had an open house this week because the road in front of their shop was lined with cars. They have a really nice shop.

    Congrats to Kyle for a really nice weekend or is that just a typical weekend for him.