Sunday, November 21, 2010

Who says toys are only for kids?

A few days ago, I came home from work, walked into my room, threw my purse down on the bed, and noticed a yo-yo perched ever so carefully up against one of my bed pillows. What the heck is this doing here, I said to myself in complete confusion. I grabbed it, and headed to the kitchen where RM#1, RM#2, and RM#3 were all eating dinner.

Apparently, RM#3 had to make a stop at Target on his way home, and upon entering the store, stopped at the $1.00 bins. He picked up three toys that he had hoped would entertain three people, and he was right.

RM#1 got a Slinky…

RM#2 got an airplane…

I got a yo-yo…


I’m beginning to think I’ll never figure out how to walk the dog.


  1. ASide from getting the dang thing to come back up waking the dog was the only thing I could do.

    Classic toys.

  2. Ya gotta have a good YoYo to do tricks tho

  3. Okay...don't you laugh at me but I don't even know how to yo-yo--let alone how to walk the dog! I pretty much suck at everything except eating and drinking beer. I've mastered those two things.

    Thanks for posting on my RHOK post. I love new readers!

    Mrs. Coco
    Impulsive Addict