Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Mommy Is Back !!!

kid cookingI want to mix up a batch of oatmeal raisin cookies or chocolate cupcakes together.







kid on computer

I want to watch over you while you play games on the computer.






boy reading

I want to sit next to you while you read a book and tell me about it.








boy brushing teeth

I want to sing and giggle with you while you’re brushing your teeth.








boys with dog

I want to laugh as one of the 7 dogs at my house licks the ice cream I just bought you from the ice cream truck.





Today, I experienced one of the greatest feelings in a woman’s life. The day my son was born, was the single most fantastic day of my life. Hands down. Today, I felt that same feeling x1000 without even having to give birth.

This morning, I sat in an office room with The X, and listened to him give a list of reasons why I shouldn’t be part of RJ’s life. Then, by some grace of God, like someone swung through the air on a vine and dropped new pre written index cards in his hands, he finally agreed that RJ’s life would be even better if I was a part of it. ThankyouDearLord. This is the same thing I and a number of others have been telling him for longer than I even want to admit, but today, he looked me in the eyes and saw the emotion as I spoke of how much I wanted things to be different, and listened. I saw the change in his posture. I saw the direct attention I got from him, and felt the exact moment it happened. It was a connection we hadn’t had in over 10 years, a familiar feeling that let me know he understood what I was saying.

And to add to all that excitement, my divorce will be final in 8 days. Woo hoo!!

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  1. Congratulations!!! I am so happy for you.

    Just a minor suggestion. You might want to hold back on the singing while he brushes his teeth to just one time. LOL