Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Dancing with the Stars - Week 7

Unfortunately, I did not get to watch DWTS this week, but I did watch the Elimination Show on Tuesday. I haven’t made it a habit to give my opinion on the comings or goings of each week, but this week, since I missed the show, I’m going to give my two cents.

Politics, politics, politics.

That, is my two cents. {{{sigh}}}


  1. So sad that Rick was eliminated! He definitely didn't deserve it. I'm not a Bristol lover or hater, but she is the weakest dancer.

  2. It was hard to watch him fight back the tears while talking. I really felt bad for him. I believe it was inevitable that he was going to get eliminated, but before Bristol? Definitely not what I had hoped for.

    Shame on me for not casting my vote this week.