Friday, October 1, 2010

A looooooong week

Oh boy am I glad this week is over. It doesn’t seem like I’ve done much when I think back to specifics, but the fast pace I have been going at work finally got to me today.

Monday: A/C went out at the office. 100*+ was not my friend that day. Had a few unpleasant words with the clerk at the pharmacy. Gathered some last minute stuff for court on Wednesday, watched and reviewed DWTS, then finally went to bed.

Tuesday: A/C still out. Waited ALL DAY for the a/c people to come, but they never did. Puppies, puppies, and more puppies. Had an annoying phone conversation with MT, where he blatantly lied to me, no matter the screen shots of proof I provided. It’s no wonder I try to avoid him at all costs. Got all ready for court and got to bed at a reasonable time.

Wednesday: Up at 5:30am for court. I don’t usually get up until about 8am for work, so getting up this early was really hard. But, I was ready to defend my right to see RJ. Back to the office. STILL NO A/C. Guys still hadn’t shown up, so a very unpleasant phone call is what they received from not only me, but two other people in my office. Called another company. More puppies, more puppies, more puppies.

Thursday: New A/C guys show up. These guys worked fast! Yay for the new unit. We finally have working air conditioning at the ranch. Woo hoo! Went for a drive with one of my bosses. Fun times. He makes me LAUGH OUT LOUD! Did I mention puppies?

Friday: Yay. It’s nice and cold in the office. Thankyouverymuchairconditioningguys. Today was all about casting. Casting, casting, and MORE CASTING. Oh, and more puppies. By 5:30pm, I felt like this…

I am so glad it’s Friday, and all I have to do this weekend is clean house at a relaxing pace. I hope your weekend is as relaxing as mine plans to be. :-)

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