Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Dancing with the Stars - Review - Week 5

Hello there! I can’t believe we’re already at week 5. It’s “Theme Week”, so let’s see what these guys (and gals) have in store for us. We’ve said goodbye to The Hoff, Michael Bolton, Margaret Cho, and The Situation. Who will be next? Enter…The Peanut Gallery.

Dancing with the Stars - Review

  1. Brandy - Friends. I was a bit confused. While watching them dance, I didn’t get the “friends” vibe. To me, it seemed her smile looked fake, like she was trying too hard. Her footwork was good, and her arms were held up wonderfully, but there was just something I didn’t like. I watched it twice trying to figure it out, and I just can’t.
  2. Florence Henderson - The Brady Bunch. How this woman spins around so many times so fast is beyond me. I couldn’t do it, and I’m not near as old as she is. But, her footwork and the strange arm movements, just didn’t seem to impress me as much as her spinning around.
  3. Kurt Warner - Bewitched. I know I’m not supposed to be focusing on her, but she’s so freakin’ cute!! She complimented him this week and they looked fantastic. When I watched it a second time, I saw him stumble his feet, but the judges didn’t seem to say anything about it. So, I’ll forget I saw it, too.
  4. Audrina Patridge - The Hills. Cute outfit. So adorable. She has such a sexy body, and knows how to work with it. That being said, I thought their performance was boring. It didn’t speak “sexuality” to me. I expected more from her, just not the onion eating.
  5. Kyle Massey - Charlie’s Angels. Good footwork, good focus, great energy, and entertaining acting. One of my most favorite television shows of ALL time, and I’m happy they didn’t completely botch it. He’s improving.
  6. Rick Fox - Hill Street Blues. Rick is very statuesque, but I must admit, I shed an actual tear. That tear went away quickly when I heard Bruno say “MegaSmooth”. Haha.
  7. Bristol Palin - The Monkey’s. I was unhappy with this. She just can’t figure out how to let loose. She’s so reserved, and perhaps afraid of what people will think? Mark’s dancing overpowers hers, so it makes it seem like she’s just standing still at times. Once she was out of the monkey suit, she knew the steps.
  8. Jennifer Grey - Married with Children. Not my favorite, but at least they got the steps right. She spent a lot of time watching him as if she was waiting for some sort of cue from him. If I didn’t know better, I’d say she was starting to regret signing up for this show.

My vote: Kurt Warner     My vote to go home: Bristol Palin

As always, please remember that these are my opinions. If you don’t agree with them, don’t leave me nasty comments. I’m always up for a good debate, but no need to be nasty.

The Peanut Gallery

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  1. Jennifer was okay, but she didn't blow me away as much as she has in the past. I was also rather underwhelmed with Audrina, but I thought Brandy was good this week.

    Kyle was okay, but I thought it was so stupid of them to start doing all those disco moves. They had to know that Mr. Goodman would spank them for that, and at this point in the competition, I really think they need to start pulling their scores up. We're halfway through the competition, and they still haven't improved on their first-round scores. They can't afford to lose points over silly things like that.

    Throughout Bristol's performance, I was trying to keep from covering my eyes. It was very hard to watch. I guessing people mainly voted for her because they felt sorry for her. I was not happy that Florence went home instead of Bristol. Florence isn't spectacular, but she can be fun to watch, and at least she doesn't make me want to cover my eyes!