Friday, September 24, 2010


Last night while JK and I were at dinner, I mentioned how thrilled I was about tomorrow (now today) being Friday, to which he replied, “TGIF”. Every time I hear that word/those letters, I immediately think back to when I used to enjoy sitting on my couch with the lights out, with a bowl of popcorn, covered in a blanket, staring at what I thought at the time was the coolest shows on television. Remember:

Full House? By far, one of my favorite TV shows of all time. Or at least on my top 10 list. It was full of fun stories I could relate to, and I had the biggest crush on DJ’s boyfriend Steve. I thought it was weird that Jesse and Becky continued to live in the house after their boys were born, but I guess I understand. The closer the show got to ending its run, the lamer (is that even a word?) it got. I wasn’t ever fond of the Michelle character, and I wasn’t too keen on the twin boys as they got older. Today when I happen to catch an episode on TV, I watch for a second and then quickly change the channel all the while laughing at how “cool” I thought that show was.

Family Matters? Another one of my favorites. I thought it was kind of corny, but that was the whole point. Urkel was a bumbling idiot who always seemed to find a way to ruin everything. I honestly think the only reason Harriette kept a job was because there were so many home repairs they needed to make due to Urkel’s clumsiness. When the show started to lose ratings, they did what most other shows do, and added another child star. Alas came 3J. I really didn’t like 3J. He was a troublemaker from the start, and although the Winslow’s tried to make him into a good kid, I think the show ended before we ever really got to see him do something “good”. Waldo Faldo was my favorite guy. He was also confusing things people said, and that just made me laugh out loud. He was just too darn funny. He played that roll so perfectly.

Step by Step? This show seemed to me like it was a spinoff of The Brady Bunch. I don’t know if it was, but it just seemed like it. I hated this show. I didn’t like any of the cast members, and it just seemed too fake to me. I’ve never been a Suzanne Somers fan. I tolerated her in Three’s Company because I loved that show, but I really didn’t like her in this one. I thought all the kids were obnoxious. They had no manners and I didn’t like the way they talked to either parent. It just didn’t seem to suit me, I guess. I often switched channels by the time this one came on, but nonetheless, it was part of the lineup.

Perfect Strangers? This show was so beyond my realm of understanding, so I didn’t watch it on a regular basis. I watched probably three or four episodes, but couldn’t even tell you what they were about. So, I have nothing else to say about this show.

There ya have it. The TGIF Friday lineup. And now, I’m so glad it’s Friday! Have a great weekend everyone and I’ll catch up with you on the next post.


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  1. What's crazy is without Perfect Strangers there would be no Family Matters!!