Monday, September 27, 2010

Dancing With the Stars - Review - Week 2

Last week’s review brought in some positive feedback, and I can’t wait to hear what ya’ll have to say about this week. So, without any further delay, let’s get started. Enter Peanut Gallery (aka: Val)

First…Rick Fox. Nice footwork. He moves pretty well for a “tank”. His fast reflexes helped him out here. I disliked his outfit, but it’s about the dancing, not the clothes, right? With a bum ankle that crippled his career, he did really well.

Florence Henderson. I have to admit that watching a 76 year old “jogging”, was quite entertaining, however, I wasn’t impressed. She didn’t do horrible, I just think she didn’t do fantastic. It seemed to me that she bumbled a few times or forgot the steps, but that just may be my inexperienced dancing voice talking.

Brandy. Cuuuuuute outfit. Oops! It’s not about the outfit. Umm, I was a bit confused while watching them. She fumbled steps (this I could clearly see this time), and I saw waaaay more energy coming from her partner than I did her, and that was disappointing. I felt like her legs were a bit “lazy”. I agree completely with Bruno when he says okay is not good enough for her. It’s simply not.

Michael Bolton. This dance seemed fairly simple. I’m not sure she did it because he was sick or because he just couldn’t handle it, but I was very dissatisfied. After hearing the judges remarks, I didn’t feel so bad about how I felt. Ugh. I think it’s safe to say he’ll be the next one to walk the plank.

Audrina Patridge. She’s a reality television star who’s on set filming for hours on end, does commercials, photo shoots, and anything else she’s expected to do, and she’s whining on DWTS because it’s keeping her from seeing her boyfriend? Does she complain on the set of The Hills about it? What about while she’s filming her PG-13 Carl’s Jr. commercials? I bet not. And if you’re someone like Audrina Patridge, why on earth would you EVER have a boyfriend who wasn’t understanding to her constant busyness? Ugh. Listening to her whine and cry about it in her pre dance video make me dislike her even more than I already did. With that being said, she’s a phenomenal dancer. Her long legs, her gracefulness, and the glow she carries with her, make up for all the other annoying things I find about her. I give her an A.

Jennifer Grey. Wow! I have so much to say about this one, and not enough time. These two have fantastic chemistry, and the energy radiates almost like a bright glow. Derek brings out the best in Jennifer, and they’ve got my vote. A+

Margarat Cho. I finally saw Margarat do something I wasn’t pissed off about. She came out and acted like a REAL dancer. Thank goodness for her partner finally saying something to her about not acting like a “comedian”. Props to him. I give her a 7.

Kyle Massey. I said last week that he can move, and this week, he didn’t disappoint. Her big frilly dress (which I hated by the way), got in the way of his fancy footwork. He’s a big guy, there’s no mistaking, and those strong legs will take him far.

Kurt Warner. I love him. He’s a beautiful man, and I just want to cuddle up next to him. He was right on and brought the character to life. I said last week that he was the guy on the dance floor at the wedding, and this week I still say the same. His flimsy kicks may have been attributed to his tall, heavy legs, and I do not believe the judge took that into account while giving him his review. I can see the difficulty in trying to match the kicks of two legs of different proportions and that’s clearly the best they could do given that circumstance.

Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino. I STILL HATE HIM!! What do people see in this guy? He’s just got the word wrong written all over him. I have nothing positive to say here, and clearly you all know how I feel. I’ve already spent too many seconds on this guy. Enough.

Bristol Palin. Plain. Boring. The judges seemed satisfied, but I, was not. I’m not a fan of the Palin family in the first place, so saying something nice is always difficult for me. She seemed just as nervous this week as last, but I’ll contribute that to her mother being in the audience.

As always, please remember that these are my opinions. If you don’t agree with them, don’t leave me nasty comments. I’m always up for a good debate, but no need to be nasty. Share your thoughts. Who’s your favorite? Who did you dislike? Who do you think will be voted off this week? I want to hear your opinion, even if it’s different.

g’night from The Peanut Gallery.

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  1. I think my favorites of the night were Jennifer, Audrina, and Kyle. I also enjoyed Margaret Cho's performance. Though it was far from perfect, she actually looked like she was DANCING - working hard, but having fun. I don't expect her to go all that far, but she justly deserves to dance again next week.

    I'm with you on Bristol and The Situation. I was not impressed with either dance, and I thought the judges were unbelievably generous to both - particularly The Situation. Bristol was fairly decent, but giving her an eight was an enormous stretch.

    While I do feel some sympathy for Michael Bolton, I'm afraid that was a really bad jive, and I'm kind of glad he's the one who went home.