Saturday, July 17, 2010

Saturday Housecleaning

On any given Saturday, getting up early and cleaning house was not the way I, as a 15-year-old teenager, wanted to spend my day. I wanted to be sleeping in, curled up under the covers of my heated waterbed, until noon.

I can remember so clearly, my stepdad opening up my bedroom door so that eventually the noise would be too much and I’d have to get up. Haha @ them. Didn’t they realize I could sleep through anything? Mom would eventually come in, reminding me that if I got up, she’d make Cream of Wheat and bacon before we got started. Mmm. Nothing like Cream of Wheat and a pound a bacon to get my bones in gear.

By the time I was 15, my mom had figured out that if she didn’t start the day off with a list, my sister and I would conveniently forget things. This resulted in a big list, separated into rooms (living room, kitchen, bathroom #1, etc.).

Armed with a list of 7-10 things to do in each room, I turned up the stereo, and began cleaning. With such artists as Willy Nelson, Toto, Tim McGraw, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Elton John, and many, many more screaming from the stereo, the 4 or 5 hours it took to clean didn’t seem so horrible.

Happy Saturday and happy housecleaning day!

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