Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Mouse Cord

For seven years, I complained about it.

The mouse cord that sat attached to his desktop computer, was always being held down by a heavy item (speaker, stapler, book, etc.). I hated it. I used to move it off, so that I would have free range of the mouse when using his computer. When I was done, I would usually forget to put whatever was holding the cord, back. (Had this been something he’d done regularly to me, I would have yelled and screamed more often than I did.)

Today, on my desk at work, I use my popup post-it dispenser to hold my mouse cord in place, and when someone else comes over to use the computer on my desk, they always move the post-it dispenser so that the mouse cord is pulled all.the.way. out from the back of the computer. Grr @ this situation. One WE is left handed, so when she comes to use the computer, she not only moves the post-it dispenser off the mouse, but she pulls the mouse cord all the way out and TO THE LEFT SIDE OF THE DESK!

question mark

I never, in a billion years, could have imagined I’d feel like this. I wonder what he’d say about this if he knew. Hmm. Inquiring minds want to know.


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