Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Anderson vs. Rimes

Two names I never thought in a bazillion years I’d say in the same sentence, John Anderson & LeAnn Rimes.

One of my all time favorite country songs from the 80’s is Swingin’ by John Anderson. His jaw-dropping country voice won me over the very first time I heard him sing it. I can recall dancing around my room, listening to this song over, and over, and over again.

Twenty-seven years later, (that’s right now) LeAnn Rimes released a cover version. *Shudder* It’s no secret. I dislike LeAnn Rimes very much. I don’t care who you are, it’s not ever okay to cheat on a spouse. Ever. Ever. Ever.

That being said, GIRL GOT THIS SONG GOIN’ ON! She did a phenomenal job. While listening to it, I got so caught up in the song, I forgot it was LR singing. Thank goodness. :-)

Despite my dissatisfaction with her life choices, I’m pleased she covered this song. Well done. I give it a thumbs up. But shhh! I’m still not a fan of LR.

John Anderson’s version



LeAnn Rimes’ version

Listen to both, but PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do not pay attention to the video of LR. She’s a horrible actress, this I know. I want to know your opinion on the song, not start WWIII over her dancing skills (or lack thereof). Do you agree that she did the former #1 song justice? Tell me your thoughts.

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