Saturday, June 12, 2010

Drive Time story

A couple of days ago, I was flying driving down the 14 freeway at about 75 or 76 mph. I could see the unnecessary traffic up ahead caused by drivers afraid to accelerate up a hill - “Hello people! Q: What the heck do you think your car DOWNSHIFTS for? A: To accelerate UPHILL!”, and wanted nothing more than to just avoid it. I went around car after car, safely, all the while watching in my mirrors for the slightest inclination of a ticket writing machine. I was on a mission and did NOT have time to stop and wait for someone to write down all the information about me that’s required. Simply put: I had a man waiting for me, and I wasn’t about to make him wait any longer than he already had.

As I blew past the people that obviously didn’t mind waiting behind the slow drivers, I noticed one Chevy Avalanche that pulled out of line just a bit behind me. He continued to follow in my tracks, as I weaved in and out of the cars driving slow. He eventually caught up to me after about three miles of following, where there now was…no traffic.

At first, I thought it was just any ol’ truck that just didn’t want to wait behind slow pokes anymore, but the way he just all-of-a-sudden decided he didn’t want to be stuck in traffic anymore, and the speed he kept in order to catch up to me, made me second guess myself and wonder if it was someone that knew me, or at least recognized my car.

He finally caught me. He pulled up to my right side, rolled down his window, and smiled at me. Then…he drove off so fast, he just disappeared. BUT…not before he made sure I saw the big 88 in his back window. (Dale Earnhardt Jr. drives 88 – for those that don’t know.)   *Puke*

I tried to catch him, proud to be sporting a big 5 on the back of my car (Mark Martin drives 5), but it was apparent the rockets built into his engine, were pumping more rocket fuel than mine. Oh well. Life with a 4-cylinder means sometimes you lose the race. Thank goodness for slow drivers. And JK’s Audi. I can beat his Audi!!  (Make no mistake. He can outdrive me on a road coarse, but I’ll beat him down the 1/4 mile.)


Why is the car in the 3rd lane HOLDING UP OTHER CARS???

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