Saturday, May 1, 2010

Saturday afternoon

Saturday afternoon in northern Los Angeles. Beautiful sunny 76* weather, with a slight breeze blowing at 13mph (so it says on The Weather Channel). I see a few white clouds in the sky, but not many. Just enough to celestially decorate the bright blue sky.


I just did a bit of weeding. The annoyance of weeds growing in the grass just pushes me over the edge sometimes. The sprinklers are on now that the gardeners have left, so the smell of fresh cut grass mixed with water is blowing across my yard. *Deep breath* I just love that smell.


Charlie seems to be enjoying this weather as much as I. She was rolling on the cement and in the grass (pre sprinklers). Now, just laying in the shade with the wind blowing her fur, is enough.

charlie                    charlie2

Sometimes it’s the simple things that make life so amazing. Happy Saturday, and I hope everyone’s Saturday is/was as amazing as mine. :-)

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