Saturday, April 24, 2010

New Audiobook

eat pray love

Ever since getting the iTouch, I’ve become addicted to iTunes. I don’t purchase anything (occasionally catch some free stuff I’m interested in), but I couldn’t help this one. I’ve heard people over time, talk about how great this book was. So, I sought the advice of someone I knew has read it, and a few short minutes later, I had it downloaded. I haven’t listened to it yet, but I will be as I’m falling asleep tonight.

I’ll post a review after I’ve listened to it.

a child called it    the lost boy    a man named dave

Another book that has been recommended to me is A Child Called It. I own a hardcopy of it, but it’s difficult for me to sit down and read. I’d rather listen to someone else tell me the story, instead of me trying to imagine what is taking place. The sequels to it look as amazing as the first, so I’ll definitely be reading/listening to these. An incredible story about an incredible kid/boy/man.


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