Friday, June 19, 2020

Changing Gears {The New Normal?}

It’s the middle of June, and almost time to go back to work.

I can remember the day we were told that we would be closing our office due to COVID-19. Our boss called and said that word had come from the corporate office saying we needed to close while this virus gets under control. When we left the office that day, we were under the impression we would be back in a few weeks. That was 13 weeks ago.

During that time, a lot has happened in our office. Several changes have been made, that aren’t even related to the virus, and that will make for an interesting return.

~We have a new office manager - and some people don’t like her. When we return, some people are going to be in for a huge shock, and they’re going to be really upset.

~For the last 3 seasons {1.5 years}, I’ve been working as a photographer and an assistant finance clerk. Well, I’m being moved to finance full time, so no more 5am mornings. Yay! This will make SS happier too, however, I really did like the early days because I was done with my day by 3pm.

~A few important key people might not be coming back. One started a side business with family, that will likely keep him more busy and provide him with more money. The other, just wants to move away because, well, California. Enough said.

There’s still about four weeks left before we go back, but it’s getting closer, and I’m ready. I’m done sitting at home all day.


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