Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Word for June

If you read my most recent blog post about camping, you will know from where this post is coming.

As I was sitting on that rock staring out into the beauty that is my state, I realized that if I don’t start finding the beauty in things around me, it’s going to make me an ugly person. And I’m not an ugly person.

It’s not a secret, but I really do dislike this state. My love for California ended long ago, but it’s the people I’m close to that keep me here. So instead of walking around always talking about all the things I hate, and dislike, and can’t stand, I’m going to start looking for the beauty. It’s going to be hard, I have no doubt, but I’m going to try.

SS and I aren’t going to live in this state forever, thank God, so until we leave, I’m going to challenge myself to be better. Maybe if I start blogging more about the beauty I see, it’ll help. Maybe.

…until next time. 

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