Thursday, July 16, 2020

{An Overnight Trip}

About two weeks ago, Sis sent me a message asking if I was interested in driving five hours to see her. I don’t even know what kind of question that is, because OF COURSE I’LL DRIVE ONLY FIVE HOURS. That’s ELEVEN hours less than every other day of the year. Score! 

Anyway, she knows someone that lives in Sacramento, that does tattooing. So her and hubby loaded up the truck and drove ten hours to get tattoos done.

Her plan was to get three tattoos, while Bro-In-Law got two and a touch-up. When I arrived, five hours into her sitting, she was about 1/3 of the way through the third tattoo. And it was bleeding. Ew.

Here are the three she chose:


Each tattoo has a meaning, obviously, so shes now talking about her next tattoo being for me. Yay! I guess I’ll be spending some time designing it. I’M SO EXCITED!

Since I was in Sacramento, and was looking for something to do/see while waiting for her to be done, SS and I drove over to see the Capital building. I’ve lived in California for 41 years (minus the four when I lived in TX), and I’ve never been to see it. I guess it was about time.

Just a little overnight trip to escape the confined walls of my home. A much needed escape.

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