Wednesday, June 14, 2017

And just like that, the papers were signed.

It’s over. It’s finally over. It has taken ten long years to get to this point, but my divorce is finally over. Spent an entire day in court last week, but it’s finally over. And it’s kind of sad.

While we were sitting in the courtroom waiting to be called up, The X looked over at me and said, with tears in his eyes, “It’s kind of sad.”

He was right. It was kind of sad. But we both ultimately knew we didn’t want to be with each other anymore, and that proved true by the fact that both of us had already moved on to other relationships. It didn’t mean we couldn’t be friends. It didn’t mean we had to stop coparenting RJ. And it didn’t even mean we had to stop talking. But I totally understood what he meant. And as I drove away from the courthouse, I cried too.

I’ve written about this before, in a previous post about the divorce being final, but now that it’s actually happening, the feelings are much stronger. And I don’t think I was prepared for that.

There will always be a special place in my heart for The X, simply because we shared a lot of years together, and have a son together, but, ultimately, I know we’re both glad to be rid of the other. At least in marriage.

Here’s to hoping my next marriage brings on happier times.

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