Friday, June 16, 2017

Friday Letters

It’s Friday. Time to write some letters.

Dear RJ: You’ve been staying at my house for three weeks now, and it’s been great. There haven’t been any big issues, and everyone seems to be getting along just fine. You still have a few weeks to go, and I’m looking forward to spending all that time with you.

Dear Val: I know you’re hurting. I know you’re struggling. And I know you’re trying your best. Just keep it up. Things will fall into place. And if you don’t like how it works out, then change something. Perhaps a major change in scenery is due?

Dear Cashier at Walmart: I was really sorry to hear that you were having such a horrible day, and based on your negative attitude, the day will just drag on for you. Maybe next time try being a little more upbeat. It works wonders, I promise.

Dear In-N-Out: Your burgers are simply amazing. I smile very big every time I get the opportunity to eat one. Thanks for always making me smile.

Dear The X: We had a lot of years of not working together for the better of RJ, but the last few years have been different. Thank you for that.

Dear RJ: It’s been so much fun having you here. It’s been three weeks, and it already feels like it’s just natural. I’ll be sad to see you go at the end of the month, but that’s still two weeks away. More fun until then!

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