Tuesday, May 1, 2012

April Photo-A-Day (Part 2)


Here’s the rest of April. (Click here to see the first half).


If you want to play along, download the Instagram app on your iPhone/iTouch/iPod. And I heard they now have it for the ‘droid. The app looks like this…


Here’s the second part of the month…

~ April ~


Day 16: flower - This flower hangs on the wall in the patio of the house I’ve been at for a few weeks. It’s a beautiful flower.







Day 17: Something you don’t like - Ew. This Sauerkraut is in her fridge. This is the perfect example of “ick”.







Day 18: Hair - This little guy (his name is Widget), just got his first haircut that day. He looked a bazillion times better. He’s going to be a superstar. :-)









day 19

Day 19: Orange - This is one of the cats at the ranch. There are several in this matching team, so I can’t tell them apart.







Day 20: Something you drew - This is my attempt at “fishing”. Stick People art is where it’s at.








day 21

Day 21: Bottle - This bottle sits on the shelf in her kitchen. There appears to be something appealing about it. I wonder what it is.







Day 22: The last thing you bought - Jack in the Box. I heart this place. I eat there at least one meal a day, five days a week. It’s gross, I know, but I’m not overweight, so I’m allowed. :-D






Day 23: Vegetable - Ewwww. This is in the freezer, and there’s no way in a thousand years you’d ever get me to eat this. Eww @ veggies.









Day 24: Something you’re grateful for - the relationship between RJ and I. It hasn’t been this good since he was four.







Day 25: Looking down - This is what I saw when I looked down into my glass.






Day 26: Black + White - Meet Bruce. He likes to wave.






Day 27: Somewhere you went - Didn’t do this because I was distracted by FUN company. And we didn’t leave the bedroom house.

Day 28: 1pm - At 1pm, I wasn’t looking at the clock. See day 27.  :-)

Day 29: circle - I saw LOTS of circles this day, but didn’t happen to capture photos of any of them. :-(

Day 30: Something that makes you sad - Meet Max. He’s an old Yellow Lab, who’s had a lot of good years in the business. He has several titles under him name, but when it comes to snakes, he’s just a big puppy. Curious about everything, I’m sure he snuck his nose into a hole, bush, or maybe even just bent down to smell it in the open air. Unfortunately for him, the rattlesnake didn’t happen to appreciate the invasion of his space.

Rattlesnake bites are a bummer, and sometimes dangerous,so until the swelling goes down, this guy looks unhappy.




That’s it, Readers! That’s all of April. But fear not, the game for May has already begun. Here’s the game board…

Go check it out. Play along. It’s fun to see what everyone’s interpretation of the day’s photo is. Try it.

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