Wednesday, May 2, 2012

TV, Art, and Mating.

It’s Wednesday, so that means Survivor was on again. (read: still house sitting.)

Yep. I watched it.

Yep. I still think it’s dumb not for me.

One of the girls I didn’t like, was sent home. She was totally blindsided. Twas AWESOME!

Yep. I cheered out loud.

I can’t wait until next week.

Yep. I still think it’s dumb.


Last Sunday, I spent the day at The Huntington Botanical Gardens. Was so cool. We looked at LOTS of flowers and plants, took some great photos, saw some fabulous art, and saw lizards trying to mate.

My two favorite pieces of art were:

Half-way House

date: 1864 (oil on canvas) by David Gilmour Blythe

Maybe if this guy hadn’t been drinking AND reading the newspaper, he wouldn’t have tipped his sleigh over. Some things never change, just the mode of transportation.


The Dying Sea Gull

date: 1879 (oil on canvas) by Elihu Vedder

Herring gulls mate for life, and the dying bird's mate has remained with it, while their flock flies away in the distance. The painting's poignant meditation on the loss of family had particular meaning to me.


Here are the two lizards that were mating…

The male wrapped his tail around her (as if to hold her in place) and stuck his little “thingy” out. When she felt it, she freaked out, squirmed a lot, and ran away. He continued to stand there, while we laughed and squealed about how weird it was to watch. When the little kids just behind us walked up, we scared the lizard away so they didn’t see what we saw. It definitely wasn’t for young eyes. BUT……it was hilarious!

Tomorrow is Thursday, y’all. One day closer to Friday.


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  1. Funny, they tell us about the birds and the bees but have you ever seen them mate?

    Should be the dogs and lizards. They do it anywhere.