Saturday, June 25, 2011

Fun Friday

Hi readers! I hope your Friday evening was awesome, and I hope the rest of your weekend is ever more awesome!

I managed to get through an entire week without my bosses being there. Okay, Boss#1 was available, but only from his cell phone on the 7th hole.

Friday proved to be the most challenging day, but I struggled through it with every ounce of self control I could gather. I kept my cool, even though all I wanted to do was point out how much of an idiot this person was. All worked out in the end, and I’m pretty positive it wouldn’t have if I hadn’t stayed so focused. What a nightmare, and a HUGE pat on the back to me for staying nice. I’ve done my bosses proud!   :-)

By 8:30p, I had a beer in hand. On our way home from the restaurant, we stopped at my favorite local bar. Another beer. Karaoke night! Another beer. LZ got up and sang Love Shack by The B-52’s while a friendly guy at the bar chatted me up. Another beer. Spent the next 40 minutes trying to help LZ pick another song to sing. Finally decided on Goodbye Earl by The Dixie Chicks. I sang with her on this one, and we rocked it! Other people were singing along and having a good time.

Stay tuned… there could possibly be more to this guy that chatted me up at the bar. LZ seemed to like him. I suppose I’ll always have a soft spot for someone with a southern accent. Tennessee…you might be my new favorite state.

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