Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Change is a tricky thing. Sometimes I'm totally okay with it, sometimes I'm not. Perhaps it's the way in which change is brought upon me that makes the difference. Letting me know ahead of time that something is going to change is always better than just springing it on me.

For weeks I've been listening to the XM dj's talk about the channel lineup change that was going to be happening on May 4th. Actually, to be honest, I normally change the channel when they start to talk, so I'm not exactly sure I can honestly say I listened to them. However, I do remember mentioning it to JK about a week ago and thinking back now, I think I said that all three of my channels would now be together. One right after/before the other. Awesome. No more entering the number in manually while I'm driving. Fab.

This morning, I had to be at work earlier than usual, so my normal morning routines were thrown off just a tad. Not much, just alilbit. I got into my car, and as I'm driving off, I hear strange different things coming out of my speakers. For just a moment, I had forgotten about the channel change. I frantically searched through the deep memories of my brain trying to remember what channels I mentioned during my conversation with JK last week. Think, think, think. What did I say? Oh! I remember the dj making a joke about "not 69, it's 59 people!"

And there it was. The sweetest sound in the whole world. The sound of Country Music.

I welcome this change. Bring on another!


  1. I half-listen all the time. Sometimes the end result is comical.