Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Road what?

The canyon road that takes you to our ranch, is full of various kinds of wildlife. Rabbits, birds, quail, owls, vultures, coyotes, bobcats, squirrels, and most recently, a cougar sighting. Sometimes, these little critters aren't lucky enough to cross the road before a truck or car hits it.

Yesterday, a trainer came walking into the house holding what can only be described as future road kill.

Yes, that's a roadrunner. I do not know why she felt compelled to pick it up and drive it to the ranch, but she did. And we all stood wondering why. It had two broken legs and one of them was dangling so bad, it was like that baby tooth that just hangs on by a little string. A different trainer took it to the California Wildlife Center, where it passed away in much less pain than when it was here.

A moment of silence for this RoadHopper RoadWalker RoadRunner.

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