Sunday, August 15, 2010

We Don’t Carry That Here

This morning, after another great breakfast, I accompanied JK to Lowe’s to buy a miter saw so he can continue working on the room. Apparently, a hand saw isn’t good enough to cut 4” baseboards. Prior to driving there, he called and asked if they had the one he wanted in stock, thus preventing us from having to drive there. He was told they do not carry anything of that brand. Hmm. It’s on their website, and he was just at Lowe’s yesterday when he bought the nail gun, so he is certain they carry the EXACT one he wants. The woman on the phone was adamant about it, and would have staked her life on the fact that they did not carry this item. “Can I talk to someone in tools?”, he says. When the guy got on the phone, JK told him the story of the woman who said they didn’t have that item, and after the guy gave the “I don’t really care” reaction, he mentioned they had ONE in stock. Perfect. In the car we jumped and away we went.

Upon arriving inside Tool World, we find the box the guy set aside. The guy was helpful and opened the box so we could see what we were getting, and when he did, I thought JK was going to hit the roof. The saw was all f*****d up and had about 2” of saw dust on it. (see picture below) To say JK was mad, was an understatement. The guy tried to stay professional as his company made him look more and more like an idiot, so I give him credit for that. We were sent on our merry way to another Lowe’s that according to the computer, had two in stock. Before leaving for the 2nd Lowe’s, JK made sure to stop and speak with the manager on duty about the dumb girl that tried to convince him they didn’t have a product that turns out to be THEIR OWN BRAND, and about the horrible way they tried to resell a product that was clearly used and damaged. To our amazement, he didn’t care. What has customer service come to?


Arriving at our second Tool World, we find the box they were holding for us, only this time, the box is half torn open and retaped with clear packaging tape. Clearly, a returned item. Bye now, JK had about had it. Two other employees happened to hear him (thanks to his talking so loud), and came over to see what the issue was. This time, one of the guys was the store manager OF THE OTHER LOWE’S WE WENT TO. JK told him the whole story, and when he started to show he was less than pleased with his staff, he offered JK the next model up at a discounted rate. (see picture below) Fine. That solves our needing a miter saw problem, but it doesn’t solve the problem that the dumbass people at Lowe’s are turning customers away because they are unaware of what their store carries.


The 9 years I worked in customer service, I knew where every item was on which isle and which shelf. I could tell you how far down the isle, top or bottom shelf, or which wing panel it was hanging. I took pride in knowing everything about the store I helped manage. These people, clearly don’t care.

And to top it off, when I asked someone at Lowe’s where I could find an American flag to hang outside my house, I was told, “We stopped carrying them.” WHAT????

Never.Shopping.At.Lowe’s.Again.  And another reason to dislike Jimmie Johnson’s Lowe’s #48 racing team.

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