Friday, January 19, 2018

Friday Letters

It’s Friday, so let’s write some letters.

Dear Lil’ SS’s Mom: One word. Netflix. Two additional words. Thank you.

Dear Sis: I miss you. I go back to work in a little less than two weeks, but I really wish I could come up there and spend some time with you. You’re coming here in May, which seems like so long from now, but I can’t wait. Maybe I can make a visit up there in early June before the kids come here for the summer.

Dear Mom: I miss you too. I’m really hoping that you can still come in March, but if you can’t, and I’m able to come up early June, then I’ll definitely spend some time with you then. Seeing you at Christmas was great, I just wish we had had more time alone, without others always around.

Dear Work: I’m excited that this break is almost over. I’m anxious to get back to work. The Spring season is a little different than the Fall season, but we’ll get through it. Can’t wait!

Dear SS: We really need to make taco meat one of these nights. I’m anxious to try these new boats…

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