Saturday, November 22, 2014

Birthday Wish List…


In four days, I will be another year older. In four days, I’ll wake up and be 36.


I’ve had a few people ask me if there’s anything specific I want, but truthfully haven’t given it much thought. Until now. I feel fairly lucky just being able to have what I currently have, so anything else, would just be the cherry on top of this awesome cake that is my life.

Fish tank:        
I’ve written about my passion of fish tanks in the past, and since I feel pretty settled into my house, I think it’s time. I don’t need something huge, certainly don’t need that big 100-gallon tank back from my Dad, but perhaps a tabletop/desktop tank with a couple of fish would be fine. Maybe a trip to the pet store is in my near future.

Kitchen/Cooking Items:  
I’m in desperate need of glass bowls for my kitchen. I have a set of plastic, but sometimes, it’s just not in plastic, that I want my leftovers. I’m also in dire need of a second medium pot. I have one that I use almost every time I cook, but sometimes, I need a second one that same size. And while I’m on the subject, maybe I’ll just take two new medium pots and put the one I currently use, in with the camping stuff. Decisions, decisions.

Master Bedroom Décor:    
The Master Bedroom and the Spare Bedroom are the two rooms I haven’t spent time finishing. It drives me nuts, because I know I could be so much more in love with my bedroom than I already am. I would love to have a new bedframe. Something that takes my bed a little bit more off the ground would be nice. Putting some wall décor above our bed would complete the room, just haven’t decided on what would be perfect there. I’ve been waiting to get a new bed frame before putting stuff up because I’m not sure how the headboard will be placed. I suppose I just need to dive in and do it.

That’s enough. I could go on and on about other things I’d like to have that would decorate my house, but I have other things to do today, so this is where I’ll stop.

Enjoy your Saturday.



  1. Hope you have a happy birthday in a couple days.

  2. BTW, My company Christmas party will be at the Speedway Club at the Charlotte Motor Speedway.

    The Speedway also does a Christmas light show you drive through on the track.