Friday, March 21, 2014

Friday Letters:

I’ve been watching Paula do this for a while, and figured I would make it a weekly thing just like she does. Hope I can keep up. I’ve written letters to people a few times on here, so why not make it more regular. I have fun doing it.  :-)

So, let’s write some letters….

Dear SS’s daughter : I have really enjoyed you being with us this week. Your presence around The Ranch has been particularly great. You’ve learned a lot, have some cool stories (and photos!) to go home with, and a great appreciation for the animals you see on TV now. Score!

Dear Sis : Happy Birthday!! See you tonight for chocolate cake.

Dear Production Companies : When we tell you that it’s not kitten season, but you continue to insist on us finding them in a specific age range, don’t get crabby when we tell you there are only four in all of LA County right now that age. How about trying again in May?

Dear Dancing With The Stars : I’m soooooo happy you’re back. Like always, there are several people I don’t know, but I’m looking forward to seeing them shake their hips. And welcome back, Maks!

Dear Mom : I’ve been meaning to call you, but life gets away from me sometime. Before I know it, it’s been three weeks. Whew. I’ll call you, I promise, but you have to answer this time.

Dear Pitbull : I don’t know what it is about you, but you are one sexy guy. I even dislike bald, yet you still do something for me. It’s weird, but I roll with it. And you sometimes blare out my car speakers. 

Dear SS : Be worried. I might run away with Pitbull. Ha. I kid. (Kinda.)  But seriously, when I listen to Taylor Swift’s song Red, it makes me smile really big knowing I’m never going to feel like that again. Thank you. Now go find that Chicken-Rabbit. We could be millionaires!!

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