Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Finish This…

Welcome to Week 10 of Finish This! This link-up is hosted by LISA (COASTLINED), JEN (The Arizona Russums), BECKY (The Java Mama) and NICOLE (Three 31).  If you’ve joined them before, then you know how to play. If not, play along. Add your post to their link-up. If you don’t have a blog, don’t fret. Answer the prompts in a comment. Next week’s prompts are provided at the bottom of this post. Let’s play…

My boobs are :
smaller than I’d like. Perhaps one day I’ll visit the inside of the operating room. ;-)

My heart is :
full of love. At times, I feel overwhelmed with how much of a support system I have in SS. He’s been amazing from the very first day I brought him my car, to yesterday morning when I was throwing up, to this morning when he woke me up with a kiss.

One thing every woman should know :
how to change a tire. No woman should have to depend on a man to do this. It’s ridiculous and makes me irritated every time I hear a woman say, “I can’t do that.” or “I’ll break a nail.” Ugh.

My breakfast typically consists of :
some sort of breakfast sandwich and an iced tea.

I’m so glad I learned the secret to :
happiness. It’s created by me, and only me.


Now it’s your turn. Answer these prompts in a post on your own blog or, if you do not have a blog, simply add your responses in a comment. Join them next Wednesday for another round of Finish This, where we’ll answer the prompts below!

Prompts for WEEK #11 (March 19) are:
When I need help with life’s mysteries, I turn to…
My next challenge is figuring out…
I shake things up…
High heels are…

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