Thursday, November 7, 2013

CMA Awards

Did you guys catch the CMA Awards last night? It was, in my personal opinion, the best country awards show I’ve ever watched. Performances were flawless, the hosts were classy and funny, and there weren’t any stupid little teenage kids dancing with foam fingers. Perfect.

Opening act – Luke Bryan – sings That’s My Kind of Night. What is up with the glittery shirt? Last year it was glittery pants. Someone needs to tell him that he’s not a girl and cannot pull off wearing sequins. And he sounded really out of breath half way through the song, just in time for Florida Georgia Line to take over singing Cruise. What is it about the guy with the longer hair? I just can’t take him seriously. Up on stage, I don’t want to see someone constantly flipping their hair with their hands. It’s tacky looking. As far as performance value, it was great.

Brad. Carrie. H-I-L-A-R-I-O-U-S. Tastefully done. ♪♪ObamaCare by Morning♪♪  Hahahahahaha

Someone please tell me what the hell all the craze is with the Duck Dynasty guys. I.Don’t.Get.It.

Single of the Year – Florida Georgia Line - Cruise – Seriously. Someone please cut that guys hair.

Jason Aldean – performs Night Train on a mockup train car. FUCKING AWESOME. He killed it. Rocked it right to the end. Was amazing. I heart him. Can’t wait to see him at Stagecoach again.

Kacey Musgraves – performs Follow Your Arrow – I’m a fan of hers. She’s a new up and coming artist that I’ve listened to for months and months on XM, but this song is not my favorite. It’s eh.

Lady Antebellum – performs Compass – Perfect, as usual. I love them.

Song of the Year – Lee Brice – I Drive Your Truck – Awesome. Of the five songs nominated, I think the best song won. Yay.

Little Big Town – performs Sober – LOOOOOOVE. This is going to be a huge hit. I already love it. The message is true. We’ve all felt it. They’re so amazing. Their voices all go together so beautifully, it’s hard to not like them.

Vocal Duo of the Year – Florida Georgia Line – shocker! If you didn’t think they’d win this award, then you’re not paying attention to country radio.

Keith Urban and Miranda Lambert – perform We Were Us – this song has totally grown on me. And I’m REEEEEEALLY happy Miranda didn’t act like an idiot when she performed. And Keith – Mmmmmmm.

Taylor Swift – performs Red with a wall of fantastic performers. Wonderful performance. This song ALWAYS makes me cry, and this time was no exception.

Florida Georgia Line – performs Round Here. Fine. They did a great job.

Hunter Hayes & Jason Mraz – perform Everybody’s Got Somebody But Me – I don’t know who Jason Mraz is, and judging by his performance, I’m not missing much. He couldn’t keep up with the song. What kind of PROFESSIONAL performer can’t sing someone else’s song? Perhaps studying or listening to the song is too much for someone as famous as Jason? Ugh. Very disappointed with this performance.

New Artist of the Year – Kacey Musgraves – Wow. This shocked me. I didn’t think she was on the same playing field level as the other performers, but I guess she is. Or it was a fluke. We’ll see.

Eric Church – performs The Outsiders – my opinion on this song stands the same as it did the other day. It’s okay, until him and his guys break out into that crazy heavy metal guitar solo. I don’t turn this song off when it comes on the radio, but I will switch over to see what else is on (in case there’s a better song somewhere else). The crowd went wild, so I assume they all approve.

Music Video of the Year – Tim McGraw – The Highway Don’t Care – fantastic video. perfect decision.

The Band Perry – performs Don’t Let Me Be Lonely – Every song they release, I automatically love. And when they perform, I fall in love with them a more every time. They’re just awesome.

Album of the Year – Blake Shelton – This was a good decision. I’ve listened to all the albums that were nominated, and this one is definitely a great album. Worthy of the Album of the Year label.

Tim McGraw – performs Southern Girl – I still wonder what made him become so skinny. He almost looks sick. But, his voice is still great. He nailed it.

Blake Shelton – performs Mine Would Be You – Believe it or not, I held the tears back for this song. Granted, I had to get up and walk out of the room when he started to sing the final verse, but that’s just the way it is. For now.

The Pinnacle Award – given to Taylor Swift. She’s definitely the most gracious winner of ALL the artists. With the exception of maybe George Strait. ;-)

Carrie Underwood – performs a medley of her recent songs. Fab. Hit it spot on. She’s the ONLY female singer in country music today (and maybe Martina?), that can hit some of those amazing notes. And HOLD them. Just pure talent.

Vocal Group of the Year – Little Big Town – WOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOO!!!! I love that they are shown the appreciation that they deserve. Fantastic group of voices.

Alan Jackson & George Strait – perform an old George Jones classic He Stopped Lovin’ Her Today – and by far, the BEST PERFORMANCE OF THE ENTIRE NIGHT!! Wow. Wow. Wow. Wow. Two of the greatest singers in country history, together, and the tears wouldn’t stop falling. I cried and cried, and then cried some more. Just amazing.

Zack Brown (with Dave Grohl) – performs Day for the Dead. Ugh. I don’t like Zack Brown, so naturally, I didn’t like this song. And I didn’t like the performance. But…..Dave Grohl ROCKED on the drums. He’s amazing, and I’ll always credit him as being one of the most talented.

Brad Paisley – performs The Mona Lisa – I am not a Brad Paisley fan, but he did just fine. I guess.

Kenny Rodgers – another one of my all time favorites. I can remember being six or seven, listening to Kenny in my stepdads truck on the way home from school. Even back THEN I knew good country music. Islands in the Stream – that’s all I need to say. :-)

Female Vocalist of the Year – Miranda Lambert – eh.

Luke Bryan – performs Drink A Beer. Okay, I’ve been pretty hard on Luke for the last few months because his songs are lame, and just, well, stupid. I’m happy to hear him finally come out with something that doesn’t involve strippers throwing money around.

Male Vocalist of the Year – Blake Shelton – deserving, I guess.

Entertainer of the Year – King.George.Strait. Yep. I balled my eyes out. It was like someone turned on the faucet full blast, and walked away. BEST.DECISION.EVER. I’m a little bummed I didn’t get to see his farewell tour before he retired, but I’m grateful I was able to see him twice before. George will always be my all time favorite country artist. And I have all the albums and box sets to prove it.

Still balling……

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  1. George is the King!!!
    I didnt watch and I wont bore you with why. Maybe I should have.