Tuesday, September 3, 2013

What. A. Weekend.


I had the flu. It officially knocked me on my ass Saturday afternoon, but it started Friday night. Figures. A weekend without roommates, and I’m sick. Drat!

Sis and Squid came up Friday night to enjoy the quietness of 5.5 acres. We were set to enjoy three long days of doing NOTHING. Well, except for taking care of nine dogs, eight birds, and two cats.

Saturday morning was a tough one. Didn’t eat much breakfast because the “flu” feeling was getting stronger. I toughed it out as we walked down every isle at the supermarket, but by the time we were headed home, I was feeling pretty miserable. By 1pm, I was out….

Saturday pretty much sucked for me. As I tried to sleep, I’d get awaken by dripping sweat, or chills, or the cold nose of a dog wanting to cuddle. It just wasn’t great. I felt bad for Sis and Squid, but they were good sports. They not only helped take care of ME, but they helped take care of ALL THE ANIMALS!!

Y’all are awesome. Thank you!


Sunday morning I was beginning to feel a little better, but still took the cautious road early in the day. Until I knew I could do something other than throw up, I knew I’d better stick to soup. So a soup morning it was.

By lunchtime, I was feeling almost normal. And because I was feeling almost normal, Squid talked me into doing my oil change. Only problem….I was still dressed in the WHITE clothes I had been wearing. But, it got done. I learned from the best on how to do some things, and I know for certain, he would be damn proud of me.

With the new engine rebuild a few months back, I failed to ask what type of oil I should now be putting in my car. It’s different, I remember them talking about it, only I never asked. So, I stood in the middle of the store staring at the isle of oil, wondering what the hell to do. Sis suggested I call Jeff, but when my eyes immediately filled with tears, I knew that wasn’t an option. Didn’t even need to give it a second thought. :-/


Welcome to The Chase, Kyle!

Kyle Busch won the race at Atlanta, and secured himself a spot in the chase. I’m thrilled. Couldn’t be more happy. And I’m looking forward to him beating Jimmie Johnson to the line.


  1. I changed my oil Monday. Buttttt, I've never changed oil in all white. I wore an old colored tee shirt and jeans. You're a better woman than me.

    You back 100%?

    Kyle did good.

    1. I'm back 100%. Whew. That was real sucky!

      Go Kyle!! :)

    2. I'm such a rebel doing it in white. Only got two drops on the shirt bottom. Nothing on the pants! Whew! ;-)

    3. Well at least ya looked good doing it. I was dripping seat here.