Saturday, April 27, 2013

Weekend catch up

Roomies are still gone. House guest is gone. It's just me and 6 dogs, 2 cats, 5 birds, and the occasional rabbit that runs across the front yard. Life is great right now.

Let's play a little catch up....

Look whose on the front page of the Richmond Times, y'all.

Yep. That's the KBShow. Think we'll see him in Victory Lane tonight? I hope so. Last nights 3rd place finish wasn't what I'd hoped to see, but it's better than a DNF.

Kasey and I were hanging around last night while we waited for our house guest. Was so beautiful out. It was nice to have a breeze instead of a hurricane wind up on our hill. :)

Got my new KB Texas sweep t-shirt the other day. I've already worn it. :)

Had a visitor the other day from this cute little guy. I was in the middle of talking about another job we booked, and he jumped up on the desk and laid on the calendar as if to say, "I got the calendar covered guys".
Haha. We laughed about that for twenty minutes. ;-)

My favorite Poodle needed a ride somewhere the other day, so I volunteered. Couldn't help myself. Perhaps he was saying, "stop messing around good woman, step on the pedal. Tootle pop, lets get going. I've got things to do, pip pip".
Who knows...?

We've got another baby Raven in the house. And he is one HUNGRY ass bird.

And one final statement. I didnt write this, but, just sayin'.

(That word after drunk is later.)

Happy Saturday Readers!

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