Tuesday, April 30, 2013

For some things, it's not worth going back

With every breakup or divorce, something always gets lost, thrown away, or just simply kept by the other person out of spite or sheer desire to hold onto a memory. It's happened in every one of my breakups, and even in my divorce.

This time, it's a stupid ashtray. I know, I know. It's JUST an ashtray. But it was a cool ashtray. And it was a gift.

I forgot this at JK's house when I left with all my stuff. And I'm bummed. But not bummed enough to ask for it back. I don't want any communication with him whatsoever. I've blocked him and his crazy stalker friend from every part of my life. Email, chat, social media. All of it. Too bad it took me THIS long. Although I feel it wasn't six and a half wasted years, I do feel like I should have seen the signs much earlier than I did. And for that, I pay dearly.

There are a few things of his that he left at my house. Which for him, is unfortunate. He'll never come to get them, so they'll continue to sit on an unused shelf. Out of my way, and out of sight. I did, however, find a good use for his toothbrush. Good thing he doesn't need THAT back. Bahahahaha

Love to all,

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