Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Weekend Fun

Sometimes it feels like Sis and I don’t spend enough time together. Sometimes it feels like it’s been months since we’ve talked, only I know that’s not true because we talk, text, instant message, email, facebook, instagram, and communicate through her husband, every day. Still. Sometimes it just isn’t the same as being together in person.

It’s a very simple kind of bond that we share. One that nobody, no matter how much they attempt to understand, will never get.

Squid, being from Wisconsin, and one of the biggest Packer fans I’ve ever met, attended the Green Bay vs. San Francisco Playoff game on Saturday (pic above is from their seats). This left Sis home along with her beast of a dog. She came over and introduced her dog to the pack of dogs we have here. They got along just fine.


Although the Packers lost, I’m sure it was an experience that he’ll never forget. Just like it was for Sis to have one of the birds try to share her beer….


Who did YOU hang out with this weekend?


1 comment:

  1. My daughters boyfriend. That I didnt know she had. Till she called and said she was moving back home. Lots a crickets on that long drive. Thankfully he rode back with her.