Thursday, February 7, 2013

Let me introduce...

Hi Y'all. How's the New Year treating you thus far? Any interesting stories I've missed out on?
For nine days, RM#1 and RM#2 were out of state on vacation in December/January, and I was responsible for The Animal House. Five dogs (two of them puppies), two cats (one a kitten), a raven, a hawk, two parakeets, two doves, and a partridge in a pair tree.
It was hard work, I won't lie. There are things you have to follow in order to ensure the safety of the animals, and if you don't, something could go wrong. And I don't want the death of a puppy on my conscience. Very much like taking care of children, only slightly different.
I was glad to see them return. And they even brought me a present. A GREAT present, at that.
Let me introduce you to......
Gretta and Hans.

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