Monday, September 10, 2012

7/30 Things: What is your dream job, and why?

I once had my dream job. I was 21 years old, a brand new wife, and lived in an upscale part of Corpus Christi, TX. I was, a Stay-At-Home Mom.

It was the best job ever. I didn’t have to get up and drive to an office. My office was just down the hall. I didn’t have to answer to an ugly boss. My boss was the cutest newborn ever. When he woke me up in the middle of the night, we’d cuddle and go back to sleep. We watched tv, played with toys, and went for walks in the middle of the day.

It was the best job ever. I’m jealous of myself for not still having it.

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  1. My current job is sorta my dream job. Theres a few things I would change if I could but all in all I love it.