Thursday, September 6, 2012

6/30 Things: What is the hardest thing you have ever experienced.

I thought and thought and thought about this one. I went around and around with different situations I've been in, thinking about which one was actually the hardest. After I wrote them all down and read through them, it was obvious. Jail.

Jail was one place I definitely feared. It was the place bad people went. People that didn’t belong on our every day streets. People that were poisonous to society. Mean people, who fought with other mean people. Guards were just as mean as some of the inmates. I was afraid, every single night, to go to sleep. And I was afraid, every single morning when I woke up, that I would never get out. I feared that I would wake up in jail, every morning, for the rest of my life. :-(

There were a lot of rules I had to follow, and if I didn’t learn the rules from watching someone else, I would be punished. There was no excuse for not following the rules. I remember stepping across a red tape line on the floor once, to help another woman in the restroom. I was sent to confinement for six hours. I never stepped across the red tape line again.

I remember being awaken at 4am one morning, by a guard hitting me in the head with her flashlight. Not only was I annoyed she was hitting me in the head, she was waking up the wrong person. Under normal circumstances (at that time of my life), I would have hit her right back.

In jail? Nope. I dealt.

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  1. I was arrested once but never put behind bars. I cant imagine the fear.
    Hope you never have to experience that again.