Tuesday, April 17, 2012

April Photo-A-Day (part 1)

Hi Readers!

We completed March’s Photo-A-Day, and I promised I’d play along for April. I even talked Sis into playing along.

If you want to play along, download the Instagram app on your iPhone/iTouch/iPod. And I heard they now have it for the ‘droid. The app looks like this…

Here’s the first part of the month…

~ April ~


Day 1: Your reflection - Playing outside with the dogs, I caught a glimpse of myself.







Day 2: Color - My poppies at work are back. So excited!!








Day 3: Mail - This is where RM#1 puts my mail.








Day 4: Someone that makes you happy - Obviously, Kyle Busch makes me happy. :-)








Day 5: Tiny - This butterfly was tiny.








Day 6: Lunch - The Easter Bunny brought this to a coworkers house, who in turn, brought it to me. Yay for M&M’s and NASCAR! And the Easter Bunny. ;-)







Day 7: Shadow - Kasey’s shadow makes a wolf shape.








Day 8: Inside your wallet - The inside of my wallet is not exciting, I promise.








Day 9: Younger you - Yes, I shamelessly posted a photo of me from when I was a youngster.








Day 10: Cold - This icepack is freeeeeeeeeeezing!








**No photo for today. I ate at Jack In The Box that morning, but failed to get a photo of it. Apologies.**



Day 12: Stairs - These stairs are a work in progress. Eventually, there will be pretty landscape around them.






Day 13: Something you found - I found jeans that fit. So tired of wearing jeans that are too big or too worn out. Yes, that’s a size 2. Don’t hate.







Day 14: How you feel today - I felt kind of empty headed. It was a weekend day, so didn’t have anything to focus on. Other than relaxing and taking a nap.







Day 15: Sunset - Sunset was at 7:27p that day. :-)

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