Friday, March 30, 2012

Moving forward

A few nights ago, I met with someone I'd been casually chatting with for a few months. I had the typical first meeting jitters. I confided in a friend I knew could keep a secret what my direct fears were, and promised to send a photo of his license plate in case I ended up missing. I always thought being cautious was overrated, but after finding myself in one or two positions I'm sad about having been in, I had to cover my bases. Caution is now my friend. (In THIS instance, at least.)

The nervousness began to wear off after a few minutes, and when we were head deep in NASCAR talk, I knew I didn't have anything to worry about. It was an awesome feeling to be able to have a conversation with someone on the SAME LEVEL OF NASCAR EXPERTISE. It's not often I run across people like that. :-)

It was a short visit, weeknight and all, so I'm hoping it's not a long time before he comes back. It's a solid two hour drive (no traffic, an hour and thirty), so we'll see.

*fingers crossed*

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  1. aw that's great to find someone who shares your same passions. That's a rough distance though. Hope it all works out!