Monday, January 16, 2012

No Manic Monday here

Took the day off work today. Still nursing a sore throat from Saturday morning. :-(  With an entire day off work, I could get lots of stuff done. Or, I could lay in bed and veg out watching television all day. Such decisions.

I treated myself to a quick breakfast at Denny’s…

Met Sis for a little bit of shopping…

Look! More Angry Bird stuff. FOR YOUR FREAKIN’ PET!! Oh, brother.

I found these cute little Gnome men. I think these would be better to hide than Easter Eggs.

I bought three big tubs to pack away some things I didn’t need cluttering up my bedroom anymore… (didn’t take pictures of this, but my closet is less cluttered and my dresser is less messy).

Finally hung my newest clock…

I made a fabulous dinner. Didn’t take pictures cause I was too busy cooking and eating. Large bowl of strawberries for dessert. Yum.

Now I’m sitting here, strawberry bowl in hand, watching my favorite show…NCIS. And by the way, I dislike McGee with any girl. I think he needs to be with me. ;-)

Until next time…


  1. Sounds like a nice day. Hope your throat is feeling better.

  2. McGee is kinda cute aint he?

    I'd like to hang with Abbey myself.