Wednesday, November 30, 2011

I smile…

When my car starts in the morning. This morning it struggled a little. A few tries, a little caress of the steering wheel, and some soft spoken words later, she came around. And she brought a Check Engine light with her. sigh.

When I log into my computer at work and see that RJ is online. This is my favorite thing. Just knowing he’s only a keyboard click away, is so awesome. I ♥ him.

When I get a message from a trainer saying thanks for all your help. Sometimes, that’s all I need to get me through the next day. When it’s busy, and I can’t have trainers coming in and out of the office, I’m expected to take care of things for them. I love getting thank you’s.

When I hear bff@work make a joke. Some days are harder than others, but bff@work can sometimes make it a little easier to handle.

When I know He is looking. Just knowing he’s thinking about me, whether to laugh at me, to make fun of me, or to maybe understand just a little bit more, it makes me happy.

When Sis phones from the cruise ship. It’s not every day I get a phone call from someone on a cruise. I have never been before, so I asked some pretty crazy questions. All which she plans to explain when she shows me pictures. Can’t wait! Four more days.

When the mechanic says it’s just… instead of i have bad news… I have the greatest car ever, y’all. I swear. This thing just keeps on going. ThankYouVeryMuchJapaneseAutoMakers. And no matter what kind of issues go wrong with her under the hood, they have so far been easy fixes. My anxiety brings stress, and so far it’s been undeserved. Perhaps I should learn to trust this fabulous car a little more than I already do. Marti. I ♥ her.

When I can convince Kasey to hold my sword. I have no words for this. I just laugh cause he’ll do whatever I tell him.

When someone asks me about NASCAR. Sometimes people are funny. They spark up a conversation with me about NASCAR, but then immediately get annoyed when I present them with information far beyond their understanding of the sport. I smile knowing there’s something I know that they don’t know. Finally! That never happens to me.

When I have to tie my shoelaces. I have a pair of shoes that have two different laces. One of them is a round type of lace, and the other is a regular flat type lace. Someone once told me, that round one will come undone all the time. you’re gonna be tying one shoe more than the other. Well, it’s been about three months, and I’ve probably tied that one shoe about four times. But every one of those four times, makes me smile and think of that exact conversation.

When I get in my car and I hear that the XM still works. I know one morning I’ll get in and it won’t work, and I’m okay with that. I don’t want that to happen, but I’m prepared for it. It’s a little piece of the heaven I used to have that hasn’t gone away yet. So I smile until it does.

What are YOU smiling about?

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  1. My car is getting to the point(206000 miles) where I have to caress it to start in the mornings.