Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Dancing With the Stars - Week 1

Hi Everyone! Welcome back to my review of Dancing With the Stars. I’m so glad you joined me. Now, lets get started…

RM#1 is watching for the first time ever. In 13 seasons, you’d think she would have watched prior to last night. Nope. Not even once. Two specific people caught her attention this time, so congrats to the people at Dancing With the Stars for gaining another viewer.

Ron Artest - Oh my. Why do I have to start with him? He wasn’t my favorite, but that’s okay. He moved a bit like a building. He’s awkwardly tall anyway, so the hopes of him moving around like a graceful male swan is unlikely. I’m a bit shocked that he was hoping for TENS from the judges. I hope he meant ten total. I thought the 14 he got was too generous. All that aside, I was touched that the only reason he decided to do DWTS was because his daughter asked him to. Cute. Just plain cute.

Rob Kardashian - I have a low opinion of him thus far, but it’s early. There’s lots more time for him to disappoint. He had simple moves that were very robotic, most likely because his rehearsal time was less than anyone else’s. Whatever.

Kristin Cavallari - I expected better from her. I guess the expectations set by Audrina last season were too great. Oh well. I see LOTS of room for improvement, so no worries. she’ll be fine. Especially with a partner like Mark.

Chynna Phillips - She has natural grace. Of course she does. She looked so elegant as she floated like a cloud across the dance floor.

Nancy Grace - She did good. Better than I thought she would, to be honest. I still don’t watch her show know much about her, but she has a lot of heart and genuinely WANTS to go out there and try. I hope she succeeds.

David Arquette - Wow. He did awesome. I’ve heard some of the trainers tell stories about this guy, so my opinion of him is clouded by that. As the weeks go on, I promise to try my hardest to keep that out of my mind while giving my opinion.

Elisabetta Canalis - She sucked! Now I know why George Clooney dumped her. Can’t have a satisfying sexual relationship if one of the people doesn’t have rhythm. Oh well. Hmm.

Hope Solo - One of my favorites!!! RM#1’s ex boyfriend (former RM#2) is watching this season just because of Hope. Another score for DWTS people. Another viewer added this season.

Carson Kressley - I kind of felt like he was all over the place. It wasn’t bad, don’t get me wrong. I just felt like it was sloppy. I hope he improves.

J.R. Martinez - Another of my favorites! Nearly flawless. Nice moves. His fit physique makes his moves more attractive.

Rikki Lake - She did good. To be perfectly honest, I expected her to be better. Okay, wait. Actually, I expected the DANCE to be better. It isn’t Rikki’s fault the dance didn’t compliment the way she can move. Maybe next week, Rikki.

Chaz Bono - THE BEST OF THE NIGHT! And my most favorite. Not taking into consideration everything I already know about him and his past, I whole heartedly want him to succeed on this show. The Quickstep next week might prove to be very difficult for him, his knees, and his chubby feet, but we’ll see. I wish him the best.

Oh, and bye-bye Ron!

As always, please remember that these are my opinions. If you don’t agree with them, that’s okay. Please don’t leave me nasty comments. I’m always up for a good debate, but no need to be nasty.

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