Sunday, August 21, 2011

A former lover and a race car driver are NOT one in the same.

Of all the places to eat in Southern California, you had to be eating at the ONE place we picked at the last minute. You don’t even live in this town!?! Why are you here?

That being said, it’s an absolutely amazing feeling, to know that I can sit in the same place as a former lover, and not even say a word. Further proving that neither of us truly give a damn about the other anymore. I mean, if you can’t even acknowledge that the person is in the same ROOM with you, what good does it do to pretend you care? It doesn’t. It just makes it uncomfortable. And I don’t do uncomfortable.

It’s sad. It’s really, really sad.

I was asked the question, what does this teach you by someone I consider to be “very relationship savvy”, and while my response included a bunch of examples, the gist was, he doesn’t want me, and to continue to spend one more second thinking/talking about someone that doesn’t want me, seemed ridiculous. And I don’t do ridiculous.

So, while I’ve come to terms with all of that b.s., I will share my excitement with you readers, instead of him.


Kyle Busch wins at Michigan today and holds onto the points lead. I heart you, Kyle Busch. You make racing fun!

Congrats on beating Jimmie Johnson to the line.

Congrats on getting your first Michigan win, EVER.

Congrats on tying another record.

Congrats on everything!

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