Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Vacation: Day 4

10:30 this morning, Mom and I went to have breakfast before heading out. I had chicken fried steak & eggs. And a beer. i love vacation.

Mom and I took a drive up the coast today. Here’s what I saw…

We stopped for a beer here…

And this was my view from the bar…

This is the Marionberry dessert Mom ate. And she ate the WHOLE thing.

This cute little couple was sitting at this corner window, that looked out at the same view I could see from the bar (see photo above). They had lunch and then sat there, sipping iced tea, and playing cards. So super cute!

We hiked down a bunch of stairs to this…



I made Mom stop at the store on the way home so I could satisfy a marshmallow craving. Mmm.

See ya’ll tomorrow….

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  1. Looks like a good time. The beach is gorgeous. Headin to the beach mysrlf this weekend.