Wednesday, April 27, 2011


I was walking through the hallway last night, when I hear RM#1 talking to someone. I'm quite certain there wasn't anyone else in the house, but there she was, talking away as if someone was actually listening. I never heard a response from anyone, but as soon as the water started running in the bathtub, the loud squealing let me know who she was talking to.

Meet Carter...


He runs around the house like he’s one of the dogs. He’s a bit overdramatic, though. He squeals ridiculously when she picks him up.

I’m so thrilled that he’ll be with us for the next few weeks. (rolls eyes)   I’m already thinking the shoot day can’t come soon enough.  :-)


  1. Shoot? You're going to shoot him? Kinda overkill for squealing to much dont cha think?

  2. Ha. Something tells me this little guy will be around for a while. No bacon from him. ;-)