Monday, October 25, 2010

Dancing with the Stars - Week 6

Week SIX. Wow! It’s “Rock & Roll” week, so let’s see what these guys (and gals) have in store for us. We’ve said goodbye to The Hoff, Michael Bolton, Margaret Cho, The Situation, and Florence Henderson. Who will be next? Enter…The Peanut Gallery.

  1. Audrina Patridge - I don’t even know what to say about this one. I watched it once, then twice, hoping to find something I liked about it, but it was so boring. Who decides the dance routine? If it’s up to the real dancer, then shouldn’t they be getting ridiculed instead of the star? This dance to me just lacked entertainment.
  2. Kyle Massey - This kid is coming far! I liked this. This was the first dance I’ve seen him do, where I felt like he was actually leading her. Great job Kyle.
  3. Jennifer Grey - All I kept thinking before she got out on the dance floor was, Dear God, I hope she does better this week. But, I don’t know that she did. Wild movements, a lot like Kyle Massey does, and some misguided steps, like Bristol Palin does, made this a less than stellar performance. She’s beginning to annoy me.
  4. Rick Fox - If they did a dance where he needed to look like a robot, he’d be perfect. What is up with him? I like him, but this stiffness is driving me nuts.
  5. Bristol Palin - Eh. I wasn’t overly impressed, but I wasn’t completely disappointed. I’m happy to see her finally break out of the “still” roll she was playing. Half way through the competition, so it’s about time she let loose.
  6. Kurt Warner - I am in love with this man, however, I completely understand what Bruno was saying about karate. A bit more smoothness is what this dance needed.
  7. Brandy - Eh. I wasn’t near as impressed as the judges were. Maybe it’s because I’m not a Brandy fan. Maybe it’s because I’m just bored with her already. I don’t know. Either way, she’s not who I’m voting for this week.

My vote: Kyle Massey     My vote to go home: Jennifer Grey

As always, please remember that these are my opinions. If you don’t agree with them, don’t leave me nasty comments. I’m always up for a good debate, but no need to be nasty.

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  1. I'm so glad Jennifer didn't go home. I admit it wasn't her best, but i just love her, Rick, and Kurt!!! I can't stand Brandy and really hope she doesn't win!