Sunday, July 25, 2010

It’s a struggle to keep the pounds on, I swear.

At my heaviest weight during my pregnancy, I was 158lbs. Before that, I was a whopping 107. (I have a photo somewhere around here.)

RM#1 came home from the ranch yesterday and said, “I saw MF (she’s a WE I see once every three or four months and happened to have seen the day prior) today and she said, “I saw Val yesterday and she looks so thin. Is she okay?” RM#1 told her I’d been sick recently, but other than that, no weight changes.

See! This is what happens when I wear clothes that are fitting. When I’m at home, I tend to dress like I’m at home. I’m relaxed, and not often seen wearing anything but sweat pants and a wife beater. When I’m heading to the ranch during the day, I’m dressed in jeans and a t-shirt. In the winter, a sweatshirt or jacket is a must for me. Under all that, you can’t see the skinny little me that exists.

I don’t eat healthy. I don’t eat vegetables. I eat a lot of pasta and LOVE bread. I enjoy a good salad every few days, but it’s always covered in Thousand Island or Ranch dressing, and the only kind of lettuce I’ll eat is Iceberg. Not exactly the healthiest salad. There are weeks I’ll eat nothing but fast food. (Note: when I eat fast food, it’s often I don’t eat the entire meal. fries aren’t something I typically finish, and if I get a burger of some sort, I never finish it.) I don’t drink a lot of sodas. I probably have two Cokes a week. The rest of the time, it’s water or iced tea (no lemon, no sweetener). I don’t eat sugary sweets. Donuts, once every four or five months. Candy, once a month. Cookies, once a month.


So, please, the next time you see me, know that I’m not doing anything shady in order to stay under 110lbs. The 108 lbs I currently am, is the same I’ll continue to average. It’s the way I’m built. About a year ago, I think I topped 114. There are a few things different today that I could blame for the drop in weight, but in reality, I’m just thin. I can’t change it. Love me or hate me, it is who I am.

Happy Sunday!

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