Thursday, March 19, 2020

Coronavirus Quarantine - Day 2

Captains Log - Day Two:
This is my second day of being home all day. It’s not really any different than when I’m off work for the off-season, but it feels different somehow.

Since all the schools are closed, obviously there aren’t any Picture Days happening. And because this comes towards the end of the schoolyear, schools aren’t inclined to reschedule. They have many more important things to think about than Picture Day. So, this likely means the end of our Spring season. And it barely began. Sigh.

This poses a problem for us, specifically because we were counting on my income to help save/pay for wedding stuff. This is not a good situation for our household, so things are a little stressful right now. At this point, we don’t even know if we will be able to have the wedding at our venue, but we keep sending positive vibes and good hopes. It’s the best we can do right now. Because of the uncertainty, I’ve put off doing certain wedding things. Just so many questions at this time, and it’s making me uneasy.

SS is still working, because, let’s be real, unless production of auto parts stops, he can still do his job. Thankfully. Someone has to bring money home. Ha!

-Until next time…

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