Tuesday, March 31, 2020

100 Humans - Life’s Questions. Answered.

Have you seen this show? It’s kind of cool, but kind of weird. 100 random people are asked all the same questions, and the results were amazing, even shocking at times.

In Episode One, it was about attraction.

Question 1 - Do men that can dance well, have a higher sperm count? Hmm This most definitely interested me because it involved sperm. Ha!

Results: Turns out, no! There is no correlation between high sperm count and being a good dancer.

Question 2 - Does a uniform really make you more attractive? I would think yes.

Results: Women found a man in uniform to be less attractive than in regular clothes, but men found women to be the same, no matter a uniform or not. (Men really are just attracted to anything. LOL!)

Question 3 - Can good looks keep you out of jail? Hmmm I wonder if this is true.

Results: You’ll have to watch the episode to truly understand the logic and testing behind this. Shocking. And disgusting.

Question 4 - Does being funny, make you sexier?

Results: Yes!

If you’re just as bored as I am while sitting at home being safer, then I would suggest you watch this show. It’s different. And interesting. And I’ve actually learned a lot from just one episode. Seven more to go.

…until next time.

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