Thursday, January 2, 2020

My 2020 Kitchen Ideas

Beginning in February, we will have lived in this townhouse for six years. That’s the longest I’ve lived at one address, since my childhood home. Over the last few years, I’ve wanted to make some changes to it, but the changes I want to make, aren’t allowed. So frustrating.

my new utensil holder

I want all my small kitchen appliances to be red, and I think that looks best with white cabinets. I also want to add a fun backsplash to the walls but have no idea how to get around the rules of my lease. It would tremendously improve the appearance of this unit, so I don’t know why they are against it, other than their fear that some idiot will ruin things. I, however, am not that idiot.

I’ve already started to gather the small red appliances. Have the deep fryer and the Keurig machine, but am still holding out for the toaster and crock pot. I don’t really have any reason that I haven’t bought them yet, other than I don’t really have the room to add more appliances to my cabinets or counters. This place has just become too small for our little family. Three adults and two cats just need more room.

2020 is not the year for more room. That will happen in 2021.

If I can find a way to change my ugly brown cabinets to white, I will do it. A few good coats of paint should be easy enough, but again, rules. And of course, I'll post photos of any changes. 

Looking for good things in 2020. After all, this is our wedding year. 💕

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